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Apple and Windows Platforms. Which one is Better?


Apple vs. Windows


For those who are not aware Apple and Window are simply the most prevalent operating systems that are available with most flagship computing devices in the consumer market. From computers, handheld devices to fitness trackers, all these types of consumer items usually comprise of the operating systems. According to recent studies by Net Applications, which monitors usage based on internet traffic, Windows was regarded as the most used operating system when it comes to personal computers in 2016, with well over market share. More so, when combined with usage statistic from all devices, Windows operating system represented a market share as compared to for Ios devices.

For several years, the OSX and windows have been improving and are nowadays simply amazing. In particular, Windows 8 Microsoft had taken its computing platform into new realms, thereby incorporating speech and touch functionalities for its users. More so, Apple is also not that far behind and are set to unveil the incorporation of Siri on the desktop computers with the release of OSX Sierra late this year, which is believed will be a key rival for the Cortana by Windows.




Apple is an American based multinational company that is headquartered in California. The company specializes in the development, sale and design of computer software, consumer electronics, and online services as well. According to Pcadvisor.net, some of its flagship hardware products include the iPads, iPhones, and the Mac computers as well.

The first benefit of using Apple devices is that they are less prone to computer viruses of computer hacks as well. On average Macs are available for an average of $500, which is the Mac mini that often comes with no mouse, keyboard or display unit. On the laptop aspect of things, the most affordable unit is the 1-inch Macbook Air, which is available for an average of $990 for your unique computing needs.


Windows cool_windows_logo_by_vyndo


Microsoft Windows have introduced their first commercial operating system software in late in 1985 with a compatible GUI for the high consumer demand for such innovations. Windows grew in market share and came to dominate a large portion of the personal computer market with well over of total consumer market share, thereby overtaking Apple, which had been introduced in early 1984.

One significant benefit of using Windows is that its applications are readily available and are easy to download as well. Windows is also integrated with a broad spectrum of devices, and some are available for as little as $150. In fact, you can easily procure the conventional desktops and laptops, which are usually readily available on the prevalent shopping platforms online



All things considered, when it comes to the Apple vs. Windows debate, both companies provide top-notch software solutions for their users. More so, both have an immense influence in the consumer market and are often delivering cutting edge computing solution to suit the ever increasing needs of their users.




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