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Learn some Basic Computer Skills

Computers have become a normal part of everyday life just like the television. There is at least one in almost every home. Many people use their PC for keeping control of their finances or just for chatting to friends and family. There is even the possibility to talk on the telephone via your computer using Skype. Offices probably could not function without computers nowadays.

In this the computer age, it is important that everyone has at least a basic knowledge of how a computer works. There is an assortment of courses online and offline to suit the computer literacy of all people. If you have the time there are also classes at the local college and these are usually given in the evening. If you do not want to attend evening classes then you can search online for a good course.

Learning the basics of operating a computer is not difficult; you are not expected to be able to do everything  at the beginning. Here are some of the basic operations you will need to learn:

  • Starting up the computer. This may seem a silly thing to say but many people do not know where the button is to switch on the PC screen .
  • Searching: This is an important tool as it is common for a document to be saved and then the operator cannot find it. The search function can be found when you click on the start at the bottom left of your screen.
  • Copy and paste: This is useful when you would like to take some information from one document and transfer it to another. The function is really east to use. To copy you only need to hold the shift button and with the right button on your mouse drag it over the text you want to copy. This will be shown in black. Then you release the shift button and right click on the mouse. You will see a choice of action, you left click on copy. To paste go to your new document and right click and on the text box that appears left click on paste. It is a simple and quick operation.
    Saving a document: This is a skill that everyone needs. There is nothing worse than when you have spent one or two hours doing work only to lose it all. It is advisable to make a folder for the relevant documents. To save you click on file situated at the top left of the screen. This gives you a choice of how you want to save it.

These are the very basic skills explained in a simple way. Do learn them all you should start on a course. A good way is to take a video course. You will see how to perform all the operations.

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