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The Best User Guide For iPad with Screenshots

iPad is really a Great development of Apple. Though “ease of use” is one of the great features of Apple’s product, since Apple launched the very first iPad in April 2010 to now they launched the iPad2 8G, 16G 32G and 64G, the mass of detail user guide for iPad indeed makes a lot of inconvenient for a lot of people. If you have the problem to get more out of your iPad, please check out this user guide for iPad. I will use the Wi-Fi version as example.

Let’s start with the general settings. First, please find the settings icon on the iPad homepage. Click it and you will find the below menu:

Then, let’s set the 15 items one by one:

1. About

After Clicking on the “About” button, you can check out the general information of your iPad, including the amount of songs, videos, photos and installed apps. Also you can check out the memory capacity of your iPad and find out how much memory you have available.

You can find the model and serial number of your iPad in the list too. I suggest you record or copy the model and serial number in case your iPad is stolen or lost.


2. Sounds

In the sounds menu, you can set the alert sounds you want to hear, such as when email received or sent, calendar alert, keyboard typing. Of course, you can set them all to mute too by just click them off.

3. Network

Normally, if you have a available Wi-Fi network when you first turn the iPad on, your iPad will link to the Wi-Fi network automatically. If you can access the network normally, then you do not need to change this setting anymore. If you cannot access the network, or you want to tune off the network, then, click this “Network” button, and set it manually.
When you want to use VPN(Virtual Private Network), you need to set here too.

4. Bluetooth

If you want to connect some Bluetooth devices such as headphones, cell phones, keyboards, speakers, you need to click the “Bluetooth” button and turn on the Bluetooth feature. Some of the Bluetooth device will connect automatically, but some of them need to searching for a while.

5. Location Services

You can turn on this service when you want to know your location.

6. Auto-Lock

You can set the time interval of auto -lock and close when having no operation. You should set it small when you want to save the battery.

7. Passcode Lock

If you want to keep the files of your iPad privacy or in case it is lost or stolen, you can set a password to unlock the iPad here.

8. Restrictions

You can set some application and files cannot be available for some special users in this setting. For example, you can restrict your kids from some applications and files by this feature.

9. Home

You can set a quick dial to the “Home”, “iPod”, “Search” or any other page you use most by set up in this menu.

10. Date & Time

You can change the system date & time here when the date & time is not correct. You can find the current date & time information at the top of the screen.

11. Keyboard

Here you can set your preference type options, for example,
Auto-Correction: Auto correct your common misspellings
Auto-Capitalization: Auto change the first word of every sentence to capital.

12. International

You can change the language and your geographic location here.

13. Accessibility

Users have disabilities’ such as visually-impaired, hearing disorder or physical defect can use this feature.

14. Battery Percentage

It will show you the percentage of battery left at the top of the screen when the setting here is on. You can turn it off here if you don’t want to see it of course.

15. Reset

Sometimes, maybe you need to reset your iPad to the default settings, you can do it in this menu. You can reset all the settings by just one click or you can just reset some of them such as erase all the content and settings, Network, keyboard dictionary, etc.

So these are all the general settings of iPad. Enjoy it! And you can go to the APPLE support website if you want to see the latest user guide for iPad from the APPLE company .

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