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Tips on How to fix a Computer

For most of the population a computer is a machine for accessing the internet. When something goes wrong with it the first thing we do is call a technician. Many times this is not necessary and is money wasted. To help you there are some tips given below.

Defragment tool:465754929-1024x768

You should defragment your computer a minimum of twice a month. You may not see what this tool does but it is a necessary part of your system. When you run a program some of the information will be stored on the hard disk. Over a period of time this information will require the info to be sorted out. This is where your defragment tool does its work.

Scan your disk:

Scanning your disk will find and remove any unnecessary components. Using your computer online there is always the danger of getting infected by viruses or spyware . It can also become infected by flash drives. There is any number of excellent free anti-virus programs available. Among the best is AVG anti-virus. This is a free tool and updates the database every day. There is no way of knowing if a site you are visiting will corrupt your files. The most innocent sites may have a virus placed on them.


If you have scanned your computer for viruses but it is still freezing then reinstallation of the programs on your computer is the only answer. This is a time-consuming process and you will need to have all the relevant CD-ROMs at hand. The first disc will instruct you and you need to follow these instructions exactly. This is a last resort to repair any faults but you are almost guaranteed that it will repair the problem.

Reinstall your operating system. If you have tried all other solutions but your computer is still slow or freezes suddenly, you can do this as your last resort . This is time-consuming as you will need to reinstall program. You would need various drivers such as internet, audio and video drivers. However, increase the possibility of your computer being fixed no matter the problem it has.

Before you reinstall everything you should check that you have tried all other ways of curing the problem. There is nothing more annoying than a slow computer or one that freezes when you are just completing your work. Before you call a technician and say “fix my computer” Try all of the above.

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