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The Ideal PC for Your Work From Home Needs

Working from home has gone from being a contemporary fad, to one of the primary ways in which people can earn their living and complete their company assignments. In fact, with the advent of special technological advancements such as cloud and virtual computing amongst many other forms of solutions, working from home has become so much easier and a convenient experience. However, before you can kick start your home career; it’s important that you have the appropriate regime. This would be to invest in the

HP Desktop Computer Pro 60051275988990_254004093_o





Excellent performance .

Power through your day with performance and speed with the excellent hardware features that his work on a budget PC has to offer. To be specific, it comes with ample sized dual core processors that deliver well over 3.0 GHz of sufficient power for your unique computing needs. Along with the 8GB of DDR3 memory, this computer provides the ideal level of power to easily handle all your data-intensive multi-tasking and computing applications as well. This HP Desktop Computer Pro 6005 also comes with a 750 GB HDD that provides sufficient room to store your pictures and videos as well.


Easy Connectivity.

When it comes to completing your home tasks and jobs, you want a computer that can provide you with versatile connectivity options for added choice. For this reason, This PC also provides its users with a rich set of connectivity solutions for their work from home needs. According to cnet.com.Whether it’s the conveniently placed VGA port, audio jack, wireless network card or the USB port this PC is tailor-made to provide you with the options you need for your convexity.


Compact, ergonomic and appealing design.

Besides that, this PC also comes with a small and slim design that seamlessly makes this PC a perfect fit for tight spaces such as home offices and cubicles. Besides that, it also comes with an appealing matte finish that not only makes the PC an excellent addition to your home office, but it also lets you complete your favorite computing activities with style as well.




Brand Name- HP


Series – 6005


Hardware Platform – PC


Operating System – Windows 7 Professional


Item Weight -16 pounds


Product Dimensions – 20.6 x 19.4 x 7.9 inches


Processor Brand – AMD


Processor Count – 2


Computer Memory Type- DDR3 SDRAM


Hard Drive Interface – Serial ATA


Voltage – 110 volts




Finally, your productivity levels when working from home are not only impacted by focus and determination levels but is also impacted by the technology you have available in your hands. Therefore, a worthwhile investment for your work from needs would be the the HP Desktop Computer Pro 6005 due to its solid performance and impressive affordability.





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