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Windows 10 Tips and Hacks


Windows 10—Microsoft’s newest version of their operating system—is a little over a year old, and yet not too many people about the new features it offers. So to remedy that, we put together a list of the best Windows 10 tips and hacks to spread the word on what the latest version of this popular OS has to offer. Take a look!

 1. Customize Your Start Menuwindows-10-21

The Windows 8 Start Menu was a huge point of criticism for that version of Windows. Thankfully, Windows 10 has fixed that, allowing you to manually manipulate the size of the start menu by dragging and pulling the box with your mouse pad. If for some reason you liked the full-screen start menu, you can resize it so it once again takes up the whole screen. The app tiles can also be moved around and resized, so you can now prioritize your apps. It’s the best (and worst) of both worlds now!



2. Three-Finger Commands



If your Windows 10 device utilizes a touch screen, you can use a three-finger prompt to easily navigate around your device. Three fingers up will show a task view, three fingers down shows the desktop, a three fingers flick goes to the previous app used, and a three finger tap opens the search.



3. “Hey Cortana”maxresdefault

Cortana like Siri for Microsoft users—ask politely and she’ll guide you around Windows features no problem. To active Cortana, just say, “Hey Cortana!” and she’ll be available for quick searches, plan your to-do list, or activate programs that you’re too lazy to open yourself!



4. Switch Between Multiple Desktops

With Windows 10, you have the ability to create a switch between multiple desktop views. If one desktop is too much of a cluttered mess to deal with for the moment, just make a new one! Or set aside one desktop for work and another for play. To do this, just go on your taskbar and choose to create a “New Desktop.” You can create a number of them.

Those are just a few tips and hacks you can do with Windows 10. For more Windows 10 tips and hack, check out this article:


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Apple and Windows Platforms. Which one is Better?


Apple vs. Windows


For those who are not aware Apple and Window are simply the most prevalent operating systems that are available with most flagship computing devices in the consumer market. From computers, handheld devices to fitness trackers, all these types of consumer items usually comprise of the operating systems. According to recent studies by Net Applications, which monitors usage based on internet traffic, Windows was regarded as the most used operating system when it comes to personal computers in 2016, with well over market share. More so, when combined with usage statistic from all devices, Windows operating system represented a market share as compared to for Ios devices.

For several years, the OSX and windows have been improving and are nowadays simply amazing. In particular, Windows 8 Microsoft had taken its computing platform into new realms, thereby incorporating speech and touch functionalities for its users. More so, Apple is also not that far behind and are set to unveil the incorporation of Siri on the desktop computers with the release of OSX Sierra late this year, which is believed will be a key rival for the Cortana by Windows.




Apple is an American based multinational company that is headquartered in California. The company specializes in the development, sale and design of computer software, consumer electronics, and online services as well. According to Pcadvisor.net, some of its flagship hardware products include the iPads, iPhones, and the Mac computers as well.

The first benefit of using Apple devices is that they are less prone to computer viruses of computer hacks as well. On average Macs are available for an average of $500, which is the Mac mini that often comes with no mouse, keyboard or display unit. On the laptop aspect of things, the most affordable unit is the 1-inch Macbook Air, which is available for an average of $990 for your unique computing needs.


Windows cool_windows_logo_by_vyndo


Microsoft Windows have introduced their first commercial operating system software in late in 1985 with a compatible GUI for the high consumer demand for such innovations. Windows grew in market share and came to dominate a large portion of the personal computer market with well over of total consumer market share, thereby overtaking Apple, which had been introduced in early 1984.

One significant benefit of using Windows is that its applications are readily available and are easy to download as well. Windows is also integrated with a broad spectrum of devices, and some are available for as little as $150. In fact, you can easily procure the conventional desktops and laptops, which are usually readily available on the prevalent shopping platforms online



All things considered, when it comes to the Apple vs. Windows debate, both companies provide top-notch software solutions for their users. More so, both have an immense influence in the consumer market and are often delivering cutting edge computing solution to suit the ever increasing needs of their users.




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Computer Security Software – You Shouldn’t Neglect It

Protecting your computer is of the utmost importance in these days of the internet. If you neglect to do this not only can you lose all the information stored on it, but people can hack into it and steal your identity. This could cost you a lot of money so it is better to spend a little to protect yourself. Below are some ways to protect your computer:


This is an internet tool designed to prevent anyone gaining access to your computer. They can be executed in your hardware or software.

If you are connected to the internet via a router it is not necessary to install all-in-one security software as the router is acting as a firewall to stop unauthorized entry. It will also stop viruses, worms, and Trojan horses from gaining access to your PC.

Microsoft Windows has security measures built into their software to protect your system.

Research online about the firewalls that you can download. There are some really first class firewalls that can be downloaded free.


You should never run your computer unless you have anti-virus software installed. A good anti-virus software will detect viruses, Trojan horses, and delete them before they can do any damage to your computer.

Microsoft does not have anti-virus built into any of their windows systems. This is not as important as the software is not expensive.

To find the best anti-virus software search online. You will find many free versions that are every bit as good as the paid ones. AVG is one of the best on the internet, but you can also look at Avira.

Anti-phishing is the name given to any criminal intent to obtain your sensitive information such as account details for your bank or credit card. They normally pretend to be from a bank or your credit company.

Internet Explorer 7 and MS Windows Vista have anti-phishing software built into their systems. To enable it is a simple task of two or three clicks. There is also free software that can be downloaded to prevent phishing ; TrendMicro’s, and OpenDNS.


This software is definitely needed on your PC. Spyware have become so sophisticated that they are almost as bad as viruses. Once they are put on your computer they can be difficult to remove. There are good free anti-spyware programs available: Windows Defender, and SpywareBlaster.

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Introduction to Computer Monitoring Software

The internet has given everyone access to all sorts of web sites, some of them not really suitable for many people. We use our computers everyday without thinking about who is watching us or what is being put on to our computers. This is why we need monitoring software installed on our computers.

It is not any use installing monitoring software if you have no idea what it is doing. To put it simply, the software monitors every activity that is done on your computer. Each day we send e-mails or purchase items online, and the software records all of these.69-h_main-w

Many people think that monitoring software invades their privacy but they should think of the alternative. There is an increase in the number of companies who are using monitoring software. They can see who is going online during working hours for their own pleasure . There have been numerous cases of employees downloading pornographic material on their employer’s computers. This would not have been seen without monitoring software.

Sometimes it is necessary to have computer monitoring software installed at home.

With most children now having a computer in their bedrooms, the parents cannot monitor what they are doing. There are many evil characters who will take advantage of an immature child. The monitoring software allows the parents to see the activity of their children and they can also monitor the time they are spending online.

The computer monitoring software is perfect for protecting vulnerable children.

You can limit access to sites you do not trust. It is also possible to block any sites that may contain pornographic material or sites where there may be sexual predators. Your child might not be happy with your interference but you will be able to relax knowing he/she is safe from being corrupted.

What your children are doing on the internet will be monitored without them knowing about it.

This is available on real time so that you can react immediately if it is needed. The last great thing about computer monitoring software is that you can set the times when your children can access the internet. If you are home later than your children they will not be able to go online and face possible danger.

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