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Windows 10 Tips and Hacks


Windows 10—Microsoft’s newest version of their operating system—is a little over a year old, and yet not too many people about the new features it offers. So to remedy that, we put together a list of the best Windows 10 tips and hacks to spread the word on what the latest version of this popular OS has to offer. Take a look!

 1. Customize Your Start Menuwindows-10-21

The Windows 8 Start Menu was a huge point of criticism for that version of Windows. Thankfully, Windows 10 has fixed that, allowing you to manually manipulate the size of the start menu by dragging and pulling the box with your mouse pad. If for some reason you liked the full-screen start menu, you can resize it so it once again takes up the whole screen. The app tiles can also be moved around and resized, so you can now prioritize your apps. It’s the best (and worst) of both worlds now!



2. Three-Finger Commands



If your Windows 10 device utilizes a touch screen, you can use a three-finger prompt to easily navigate around your device. Three fingers up will show a task view, three fingers down shows the desktop, a three fingers flick goes to the previous app used, and a three finger tap opens the search.



3. “Hey Cortana”maxresdefault

Cortana like Siri for Microsoft users—ask politely and she’ll guide you around Windows features no problem. To active Cortana, just say, “Hey Cortana!” and she’ll be available for quick searches, plan your to-do list, or activate programs that you’re too lazy to open yourself!



4. Switch Between Multiple Desktops

With Windows 10, you have the ability to create a switch between multiple desktop views. If one desktop is too much of a cluttered mess to deal with for the moment, just make a new one! Or set aside one desktop for work and another for play. To do this, just go on your taskbar and choose to create a “New Desktop.” You can create a number of them.

Those are just a few tips and hacks you can do with Windows 10. For more Windows 10 tips and hack, check out this article:


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