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Introduction to Computer Monitoring Software

The internet has given everyone access to all sorts of web sites, some of them not really suitable for many people. We use our computers everyday without thinking about who is watching us or what is being put on to our computers. This is why we need monitoring software installed on our computers.

It is not any use installing monitoring software if you have no idea what it is doing. To put it simply, the software monitors every activity that is done on your computer. Each day we send e-mails or purchase items online, and the software records all of these.69-h_main-w

Many people think that monitoring software invades their privacy but they should think of the alternative. There is an increase in the number of companies who are using monitoring software. They can see who is going online during working hours for their own pleasure . There have been numerous cases of employees downloading pornographic material on their employer’s computers. This would not have been seen without monitoring software.

Sometimes it is necessary to have computer monitoring software installed at home.

With most children now having a computer in their bedrooms, the parents cannot monitor what they are doing. There are many evil characters who will take advantage of an immature child. The monitoring software allows the parents to see the activity of their children and they can also monitor the time they are spending online.

The computer monitoring software is perfect for protecting vulnerable children.

You can limit access to sites you do not trust. It is also possible to block any sites that may contain pornographic material or sites where there may be sexual predators. Your child might not be happy with your interference but you will be able to relax knowing he/she is safe from being corrupted.

What your children are doing on the internet will be monitored without them knowing about it.

This is available on real time so that you can react immediately if it is needed. The last great thing about computer monitoring software is that you can set the times when your children can access the internet. If you are home later than your children they will not be able to go online and face possible danger.

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