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How to Choose the Best Home Laptop

When considering buying a laptop for your home use, you need to focus on the purpose for which you will be using it. If you are more into using it for the purpose of watching movies or playing games, you need to make sure that you buy a relatively larger screen like 15 inches screen so that you can feel the motion . The 15 inches screen is quite reasonable as it is not big enough that it could not be carried around easily, yet large enough for you to enjoy the movies and the games. There are many other screen sizes ranging from 9 inches to larger; 9 inches laptop is smaller and portable but it mostly lacks the DVD disk drive so you cannot play in DVDs.

If you intend to save a lot of movies and photographs, you should go for the one with sufficient hard disk space. Moreover, make sure that the laptop you buy for home use have a wireless network detector so that you can use it anywhere around in your home. It should also have Bluetooth feature so that if you have more than one laptop at home, you can still share the data; files and folders.

There are many renowned companies selling laptops but you need to choose the one that best suits your requirements. The companies like Dell, HP, Acer and Apple are more widely bought by people. Acer laptops are comparatively cheaper and durable which can work perfectly for a long period of time where as Dell laptops are quite efficient and come in different sizes and colors.HP laptops are compact with all the features present like an in-built webcam and microphone. Apple laptops are more suitable for photo editing and gaming due to its great unique screen and efficiency system.

Therefore, before buying a laptop for home use you need to do a lot of research on the different types of laptops and their features. You need to read the reviews for the laptops, ask your friends at school and university about different laptops. After considering all the possible factors; you need to choose the best one for your home use!

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How to Find Online Computer Training Courses

Online computer training courses have become very popular. If you are considering an online course you should first research the courses available to you. Unfortunately there are people who want to take your money without delivering what they promise. When looking for a course a good way of knowing what is a reliable one is the feedback from previous users. This article will attempt to show you what is a good online course and what you should avoid.

Reason for Online Training Course:

An online computer training course is a great way to improve your computer skills without investing a large amount of money. The more you understand how a computer works the easier it will be for you to perform the operations required. Almost all places of work today require you to be computer literate, especially in such programs as Microsoft Word and Excel. Online training will teach you how to use these programs ensuring you have the ability to perform your work.

What is a good Online Computer Training Course?

When searching for an online training course, there are two things that should be considered first:

• How reputable is the school?

• How much does the course cost?

Many times when you are looking for a school you will see feedback from satisfied customers. These should not be trusted as a lot of the times the school themselves put them on. One of the most reliable ways of finding out about a school is to Google it. This will show you if the school is accredited by CompTIA . Learning computer online is a great way of learning as you never leave the comfort of your home but you really need to be careful that you are getting the service you have paid for.

Prices vary at every school so you should shop around before deciding on one. Sometimes the higher cost is not justified. Many schools use their name to charge extortionate fees. Do not choose these schools without first researching their credentials . Again checking on Google will give you some idea of their reliability.

What is a bad Online Computer Training Course?

When starting an online computer training course you should check that all material you will need is included in the price. Many schools give you a price and then ask you for more money for the books and reading materials you will require to complete the course. Do not use these schools. A good school will supply everything in the price given. Finally you should take notice of any feedback from students who have used the school. If there are bad reviews then you are better to find another school.

This gives you a basic idea what to look for when searching for an online computer training course.

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Best Computer for Photo Editing

If you are a professional photographer and want a computer for photo editing, then you must know the right type of computer with excellent photo editing software. As you want to add different effects in order to give life to your photographs, you should look for the best software which is compatible with your computer.

The first thing that you need to make sure is that you need to buy the most efficient computer which can give you results in no time, hence saving your time.A good brand computer such as
HP, Apple will be a good choose. There should be a lot of disk space in your computer to put in heavy photo editing software and where you can save all your photos. As the size of the photographs is much bigger, you need to have RAM space of more than 1000MB.When you are working on 35mm images then you will need to have at least 512Mb RAM to have enough space for Photoshop and other photo editing software.

You also need to choose the best monitor which is perfect for photo editing as you need the image on the screen to be an exact match of the image that comes out of the printer when printed. There are monitors which reduce the shadow on the screen making images much more clear as far as colors and effects are concerned. There are different types of monitors available in the market including flat screens and LCDs , which are relatively expensive.

Other features that we need to consider when buying computer for photo editing purposes is look for hard drive capacity, storage and backup capacity and photo editing software compatibility.Some people think that it is more of the software that is responsible for the photo editing than the computer itself. You need to choose the best software with enhanced features which can ease the process of editing photographs. Some of the most famous software includes Photoshop, GIMP and Corel photo paint. You need to search for their compatibility with your computer and the one which can fulfill the needs of extraordinary effects for your photographs.

Before buying a computer you need to find its price, reviews and features on internet which can help you with selecting the best one for your need and the budget.

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More and More People Prefer Buying Computers Online

As the computer technology is getting advanced day by day everyone wishes to have the latest technology of computer available so people start spending their time in searching about the latest technology and they even plan to go and buy it from the nearest computer store but in the end they don’t go just because going to the store, buying a PC they desire for and then bringing it home seems too much tiring. That’s why, to fulfill the desire of buying the latest technology of PC people buy computer online because they don’t have to do stuff that makes them lazy and those things which stand between them and the latest technology, things such as going to store, choosing a PC and bringing PC home.

It’s not like buying shoes or even cell phone that you see an advertisement of a computer and wishes to buy it just because it is bit cooler than that which you are currently using. One should change the computer only if he or she is having the following problems:

• PC is no longer capable.

• Too slow.

• Hard disk is full.

• Not able to run an important program .

So, if you have established that you’re really facing any problem from those I have mentioned above and now it’s the perfect time to welcome a new computer into family then you should off to the online retailers.
There are certain benefits if you buy computer online:

• Customization.

• Speed and convenience.

• Price.

• Comparison shopping.

That’s a fact that in today’s world, people are just too lazy to do anything that ask for little physical working so people buy and even sell things online. Today, everything is possible online whether you buy food online, buy computer online, maintain bank transactions online, or any other thing possible on internet.

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Learn some Basic Computer Skills

Computers have become a normal part of everyday life just like the television. There is at least one in almost every home. Many people use their PC for keeping control of their finances or just for chatting to friends and family. There is even the possibility to talk on the telephone via your computer using Skype. Offices probably could not function without computers nowadays.

In this the computer age, it is important that everyone has at least a basic knowledge of how a computer works. There is an assortment of courses online and offline to suit the computer literacy of all people. If you have the time there are also classes at the local college and these are usually given in the evening. If you do not want to attend evening classes then you can search online for a good course.

Learning the basics of operating a computer is not difficult; you are not expected to be able to do everything  at the beginning. Here are some of the basic operations you will need to learn:

  • Starting up the computer. This may seem a silly thing to say but many people do not know where the button is to switch on the PC screen .
  • Searching: This is an important tool as it is common for a document to be saved and then the operator cannot find it. The search function can be found when you click on the start at the bottom left of your screen.
  • Copy and paste: This is useful when you would like to take some information from one document and transfer it to another. The function is really east to use. To copy you only need to hold the shift button and with the right button on your mouse drag it over the text you want to copy. This will be shown in black. Then you release the shift button and right click on the mouse. You will see a choice of action, you left click on copy. To paste go to your new document and right click and on the text box that appears left click on paste. It is a simple and quick operation.
    Saving a document: This is a skill that everyone needs. There is nothing worse than when you have spent one or two hours doing work only to lose it all. It is advisable to make a folder for the relevant documents. To save you click on file situated at the top left of the screen. This gives you a choice of how you want to save it.

These are the very basic skills explained in a simple way. Do learn them all you should start on a course. A good way is to take a video course. You will see how to perform all the operations.

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Compare Computer Processors Before Buying Helps You to Have a Better Pc According to Your Needs

When a person is thinking to buy a personal computer (PC) he just go to the shop, ask which one is good and then buy it without actually knowing that whether it is enough for his needs or not. The most important part of the CPU that should be working at its best and should be fast enough to do common things on PC is the processor of the computer. There are several types of different processors of the computer and all have the same purpose, so you must be thinking that then why compare computer processor? The reason is that all the computers in the world understand only one language, the binary language which consists of 1’s and 0’s. We see our windows, texts, pictures, icons, folder etc due  to the calculations done by the processor with these 1’s and 0’s. If your processor’s speed is fast then it will do these calculations fast as a result your PC will function faster and you will have to wait for lesser time to let the function happen on your computer screen.

It is necessary to compare computer processors because every processor is best for any one special purpose and each type of processor has its own weaknesses and strength. It is among those important components of PC that determines the performance of a PC. The fact is that the activity of a processor is facilitated by all the other parts of the PC.

Up till now, different types of processors are developed by both, Intel and AMD but while selecting the right type of processor you should know its features and how these features will benefit you. There are certain elements about which you should have knowledge while comparing the processors, which includes:

• Number of cores in a single processor.

• Clock speed.

• Cache memory level, size and speed.

• Front Side Bus ( FSB ) speed.

You don’t have be ‘techie’ while picking a right CPU with right processor. You just have to know the specifications and should know how these specifications fit your need of buying a PC.

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Tips on How to fix a Computer

For most of the population a computer is a machine for accessing the internet. When something goes wrong with it the first thing we do is call a technician. Many times this is not necessary and is money wasted. To help you there are some tips given below.

Defragment tool:465754929-1024x768

You should defragment your computer a minimum of twice a month. You may not see what this tool does but it is a necessary part of your system. When you run a program some of the information will be stored on the hard disk. Over a period of time this information will require the info to be sorted out. This is where your defragment tool does its work.

Scan your disk:

Scanning your disk will find and remove any unnecessary components. Using your computer online there is always the danger of getting infected by viruses or spyware . It can also become infected by flash drives. There is any number of excellent free anti-virus programs available. Among the best is AVG anti-virus. This is a free tool and updates the database every day. There is no way of knowing if a site you are visiting will corrupt your files. The most innocent sites may have a virus placed on them.


If you have scanned your computer for viruses but it is still freezing then reinstallation of the programs on your computer is the only answer. This is a time-consuming process and you will need to have all the relevant CD-ROMs at hand. The first disc will instruct you and you need to follow these instructions exactly. This is a last resort to repair any faults but you are almost guaranteed that it will repair the problem.

Reinstall your operating system. If you have tried all other solutions but your computer is still slow or freezes suddenly, you can do this as your last resort . This is time-consuming as you will need to reinstall program. You would need various drivers such as internet, audio and video drivers. However, increase the possibility of your computer being fixed no matter the problem it has.

Before you reinstall everything you should check that you have tried all other ways of curing the problem. There is nothing more annoying than a slow computer or one that freezes when you are just completing your work. Before you call a technician and say “fix my computer” Try all of the above.

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Computer Security Software – You Shouldn’t Neglect It

Protecting your computer is of the utmost importance in these days of the internet. If you neglect to do this not only can you lose all the information stored on it, but people can hack into it and steal your identity. This could cost you a lot of money so it is better to spend a little to protect yourself. Below are some ways to protect your computer:


This is an internet tool designed to prevent anyone gaining access to your computer. They can be executed in your hardware or software.

If you are connected to the internet via a router it is not necessary to install all-in-one security software as the router is acting as a firewall to stop unauthorized entry. It will also stop viruses, worms, and Trojan horses from gaining access to your PC.

Microsoft Windows has security measures built into their software to protect your system.

Research online about the firewalls that you can download. There are some really first class firewalls that can be downloaded free.


You should never run your computer unless you have anti-virus software installed. A good anti-virus software will detect viruses, Trojan horses, and delete them before they can do any damage to your computer.

Microsoft does not have anti-virus built into any of their windows systems. This is not as important as the software is not expensive.

To find the best anti-virus software search online. You will find many free versions that are every bit as good as the paid ones. AVG is one of the best on the internet, but you can also look at Avira.

Anti-phishing is the name given to any criminal intent to obtain your sensitive information such as account details for your bank or credit card. They normally pretend to be from a bank or your credit company.

Internet Explorer 7 and MS Windows Vista have anti-phishing software built into their systems. To enable it is a simple task of two or three clicks. There is also free software that can be downloaded to prevent phishing ; TrendMicro’s, and OpenDNS.


This software is definitely needed on your PC. Spyware have become so sophisticated that they are almost as bad as viruses. Once they are put on your computer they can be difficult to remove. There are good free anti-spyware programs available: Windows Defender, and SpywareBlaster.

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Introduction to Computer Monitoring Software

The internet has given everyone access to all sorts of web sites, some of them not really suitable for many people. We use our computers everyday without thinking about who is watching us or what is being put on to our computers. This is why we need monitoring software installed on our computers.

It is not any use installing monitoring software if you have no idea what it is doing. To put it simply, the software monitors every activity that is done on your computer. Each day we send e-mails or purchase items online, and the software records all of these.69-h_main-w

Many people think that monitoring software invades their privacy but they should think of the alternative. There is an increase in the number of companies who are using monitoring software. They can see who is going online during working hours for their own pleasure . There have been numerous cases of employees downloading pornographic material on their employer’s computers. This would not have been seen without monitoring software.

Sometimes it is necessary to have computer monitoring software installed at home.

With most children now having a computer in their bedrooms, the parents cannot monitor what they are doing. There are many evil characters who will take advantage of an immature child. The monitoring software allows the parents to see the activity of their children and they can also monitor the time they are spending online.

The computer monitoring software is perfect for protecting vulnerable children.

You can limit access to sites you do not trust. It is also possible to block any sites that may contain pornographic material or sites where there may be sexual predators. Your child might not be happy with your interference but you will be able to relax knowing he/she is safe from being corrupted.

What your children are doing on the internet will be monitored without them knowing about it.

This is available on real time so that you can react immediately if it is needed. The last great thing about computer monitoring software is that you can set the times when your children can access the internet. If you are home later than your children they will not be able to go online and face possible danger.

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